Bemidji Chiropractor: Dr. Jason W. Dixon

“The truth of the matter is, I did not even believe myself chiropractic was going to help me and I was even a chiropractic student.”

Dr. Jason W. Dixon is a combat veteran, airborne and served for approximately 11 years as a member of the United States Army 34th ID, Red Bulls. Dr. Dixon served on (OEF) Operation Enduring Freedom for 8 months and (OIF) Operation Iraqi Freedom for 22 months.

“I never fully understood or embraced the idea of chiropractic until coming home from my second deployment. I was deployed on Operation Enduring Freedom and then deployed again on Operation Iraqi Freedom one and half years later both while attending Northwestern Health Sciences University. During my first deployment I began to suffer from a vast amount of intestinal issues which only compounded after trying to cope and live with the condition for over 4 years. I was encouraged to seek care from a medical doctor and even other chiropractic doctors and no one really presented any logical explanation to the cause of the condition; only ways to mask the symptoms. It wasn’t until I submitted myself as a patient subject case in Dr. Joseph Sweere’s Structural Analysis elective course which led me to finally realize chiropractic was going to help me. The truth of the matter is, I did not even believe myself chiropractic was going to help me and I was even a chiropractic student.” Dr. Joseph Sweere is a renowned Gonstead practitioner and teacher; Gonstead is a unique technique developed by Dr. Clarence Gonstead which focuses on specificity. “Specificity is what changed my life and specific is the only way I vowed to ever practice.”


Gonstead Chiropractic

Dr. Dixon now currently attends the (GMI) Gonstead Methodology Institute, which trains chiropractic students and field doctors in the advanced application of the Gonstead Technique and is a member of the (GCSS) Gonstead Clinical Studies Society. Dr. Dixon now has a strong belief in the intimate role of structure and function, in particular the spine, in relation to the nervous system. He has a passion for enabling his patients with chronic health conditions to benefit from the specific application of chiropractic care.


Chiropractic Education

Dr. Jason W. Dixon earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato in 2001 and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from (NWCC) Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 2009. Dr. Dixon played amateur baseball for 5 years and during his four years of intensive study at NWCC was also a member of the NWCC men’s hockey team. “Being a soldier and athlete myself has helped me to fully understand the inherent drive to compete and achieve.” In addition, it has led him to focus his additional time studying and learning how to treat muscle injuries through what he believes is also one of the most specific muscle techniques in (ART) Active Release Technique.


Animal Chiropractic for Northern Minnesota

After graduation, Dr. Dixon’s uttermost respect and love for nature and it’s animals then led him to pursue an advanced degree in Animal Chiropractic through Options for Animals. He is a member of the (IVCA) International Veterinary Chiropractic Association and (MACC) Minnesota Animal Chiropractic Care. “It was very important to me to offer something to Northern Minnesota which has never been offered before, Certified Animal Chiropractic from a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic’s approach, philosophy and understanding.”


At Home with Dr. Dixon

Dr. Dixon and his wife Kellie moved to Bemidji in 2009. The couple was attracted to Bemidji’s beautiful scenery and small town atmosphere. “We both grew up in small towns and we loved the idea of moving back to an area where people still waved to one another. Our decision came down to one other aspect; it was close enough to the outdoors for me and it had a Target for her.”

Dr. Jason W. Dixon practices what he preaches. “Kellie and I get adjusted every few months, not because we are hurting, but because we know regular adjustments keep us functioning at our best. Regular adjustments are like brushing your teeth every day, it is a healthy habit and you are better off when you do it consistently.”

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Dixon Chiropractic to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.